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Research Project

The Inclusion of Gender in the Colombian Peace Process

Yazar: 5 Aralık 2017No Comments2 ' okuma süresi

Ekran Resmi 2017-12-04 15.35.10One year after the peace agreement, which attempted to end the armed conflict in Colombia, the peace work community still follows the ongoing developments very closely. “A core discussion, among others, is the inclusion of gender perspective as a result of the intense efforts of women and LGBTI organisations.” Grounded on this discussion, our research team is working to analyze the recent peace process from a gender perspective. A critical analysis of the Colombian peace process which incorporates unique achievements in terms of gender inclusion, shall contribute in the opportunities for peace in Turkey from a different perspective.

Our research focuses on the following key issues:

    • Transitional justice mechanisms
    • Repairment and compensation for victims of forced displacement, forced disappearance and sexual violence
    • Involvement of women and LGBTIs in the mechanisms and decision-making processes during and after the peace talks.
    • Participation of indigenous, Afro-Colombian and black women in decision-making processes during and after the peace talks.
    • Political participation of women and LGBTIs in general, and specifically ex-fighters

This research project has 4 main pillars:

  1. Field research in different cities of Colombia. This step involves interviews with grassroots actors including indigenous, Afro-Colombian, LGBTI and women’s organisations who have been active in the field of peace and gender.      
  2. Publishing a report on the findings of the field research in Turkish and English.
  3. Organising roundtables and workshops with relevant actors in Turkey and abroad.
  4. Online mapping and timeline of the peace process in Colombia, accompanied by videos made in the field.

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