New research report “From Converging Roads to Narrowing Grounds: The Struggle for Peace by LGBTI+ and Women’s Organizations in Turkey” published!

0 Posted by - 21/09/2021 - Barış ve Toplumsal Cinsiyet, Rapor

In this report authored by Güley Bor, Güneş Daşlı and Nisan Alıcı, we examine how LGBTI+ and women’s organizations that struggle for peace in Turkey understand peace and the practices involved in their struggle, by centering the peace process which took place for a peaceful transformation of the Kurdish conflict in Turkey. Through in-depth interviews with participants from various LGBTI+ and women’s organizations that undertook activities on peace surrounding the 2013-2015 peace process, we take a closer look at experiences of organizations with a gender focus in the peace struggle. We discuss certain concepts we find significant in terms of the relationship between gender and peace, and aim to leave a record for potential processes in the future by looking at the period when the hope for peace was the strongest through the eyes of grassroots actors.

You can access the full report from here.